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The 47th Ward Spring Cleanup

Philly Spring Cleanup

Event Organizer: Daniel Laufer
Attendees: 2 community members, Tiara and Gabby.

On April 15th, 2023 (the raincheck date), we held our first 47th Ward cleanup, along with hundreds of orgs around the city. Rain was expected again so we got as much done as we could.

This was the plan:

We started cleaning up around 10:00 AM at Ingersoll Park and picked-up every noticeable piece of trash.

Ingersoll Park

After cleaning the park, there was a lot across the street from the park that desperately needed attention. Someone dumped trash bags on the lot.



Finally, we cleaned up a bunch of trash at 17th and master st.

Then it started raining so we called it a day. Spent 2.5 – 3 hours cleaning. And it definitely made a noticeable difference! Come join us next 47th Ward Clean-Up.